Gilding machine type FL (manual)

Technical specifications
Optional extras

This is our smallest gilding machine. It has a steel plate to insert and press the books and the clamp with the books is swivelled on an axle. The surface of the books must be sanded and with a handsanding machine and then primed by hand. The gilding has to be done with a silicone roller which can be regulated with a temperature controller.

Book size: max. 18 x 18 in min. 2 x 2 in
Book thickness: max. 3,9 in
Power requirement: 2,0 kW
Machine color: blue hammerfinish

Performance example:
Book size 8.3 x 11.7 x 0.8 in
3-side-gilding = 7.5 books/hour

Standard accessories:

  • 1 crank for clamp
  • 1 spare silicone roller
  • 1 spare roll of gold foil
  • 1 litre of sizing
  • 1 handsanding machine

Feeding machine with book

Feeding machine with book

Gilded book

Gilded book

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